Leon Vonk Photography

Landscape Photographer


Thank you for dropping by on my website!

I’m a photographer from the beautiful city of Utrecht, located in the lowlands of The Netherlands. My main focus in photography is capturing beautiful Landscapes, or rather everything that has to do with nature, including wildlife. I fell in love with photography after visiting some of the most beautiful places on earth, I wanted to catch these gorgeous views and share them with anyone who was willing to watch. Sticking to only one thing was never really my strong suit, I love doing many things, it keeps me interested. This is applicable to my photography as well, I don’t just capture landscapes but I also love music photography, or shooting historic sites. If it wasn’t for diversity we would all be the same, now what would be the fun of that?

You can find some of my photographs in the gallery, have a a look if you will, and I also sell some limited edition prints in my shop. If you are looking for a photographer feel free to drop me a message, I’m available for all sorts of projects. Occasionally I also organize workshops or trainings, if you’d like to know more about that just check out my workshops page.

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