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Óbidos & Milfontes

There are loads of things to see and do in Portugal that aren’t discovered by international tourism yet. Two of those places are Óbidos and Milfontes, one is a cute little village located within the castle walls, and the other is the start of beach paradise. 


When driving from Porto to Lisbon you should consider taking a detour to visit this cute little town. The name Óbidos derives from the Latin word Oppidum, which means ‘Citadel’ or ‘Fortified City’. It reminded me a lot of Carcassonne but without the busloads of tourists! The only tourists you’ll find here are day-trips from Porto and Lisbon, usually during the weekend. The town is quite small and easy to walk through, which is good since the town is car-free. You park just outside of the town, close to the Roman Aqueduct. Also, bring some coins for parking.

Óbidos house

Walk around the city ***

First thing you’ll notice when walking through the town are that all the houses are white with hints of blue and/or yellow. The rooftops are all build with orange tiles, which looks beautiful. There are plants and flowers everywhere and decorate the houses in a really nice way. There is basically one main street with lots of restaurants and little stores that sell the traditional touristy handicrafts and souvenirs. Outside of the main street are dozens of small and much cuter streets! Here is where Óbidos shines. Get lost in the small streets and find spots that go lost on the main group of tourists.

Oranges in Óbidos

Walk on the castle walls ***

The walls of the castle are really well preserved. You can climb on them and pretty much walk around the whole village, getting different views along the way. Spend some time up here and enjoy the weather.

Overview of Óbidos

Chocolate Festifal **

If you’re lucky you’ll be able to visit the ‘International Festival of Chocolate in Óbidos’! This festival takes place around March/April and is praised by all Portuguese people I’ve spoken to about this. You pay a small entrance fee and you’re ready to feast on the chocolate goodness!

Óbidos Medieval Market **

Every July the Óbidos castle opens its doors for a traditional Medieval Market. During two weeks the whole town tries to recreate the spirit of medieval Europe. I would recommend this to anyone with kids, they will have an amazing time!

Óbidos wall of house

Roman Aqueduct *

Just outside of the town you’ll find this historic landmark. It’s well preserved and looks beautiful. Just park your car and take a short look, you won’t spend more than 10 minutes here.

*     =nice to visit if you have time
**   =really nice to see and you should visit
*** =a must-see!

Where to eat:

Petrarum Domus ***

A great place to eat something is Petrarum Domus. The entrance is quite small so it’s easy to overlook this place. The food was amazing, staff was super friendly and reasonably priced! I had a Steak Romanoff, one of the best I’ve ever had.

Type: Lunch or dinner
Food quality: ***
Serving time: ***
Staff friendliness: ***
Price: **

Ginjinha ***

Do try the Ginjinha, a traditional local cherry liqueur served in an edible chocolate cup. You can get it pretty much everywhere but ‘A Ginjinha’ seems to be the most popular among the tourists.

Experience: ***


Vila Nova de Milfontes

This small town is the start of beach paradise in Portugal. Milfontes itself isn’t unique really, but rather the best place to use as a fall-out base to explore the surrounding area. With loads of beaches, steep cliffs and great food you are guaranteed to enjoy the area.

Sunset in Milfontes

Beaches ***

You will find a lot of beaches in the area, in Portuguese called ‘Praia’. All beaches look pretty similar so I won’t be going over every single one of them. The beaches are not very big, but changes are that, if you go outside of the high season, you’re the only one there! This part is very popular among people from Portugal, but not yet discovered as much by the international tourists, who only know the Algarve. Most beaches are located right next to an area that’s full of cliffs that go into to see, which is quite a sight! Here is a list of nice beaches in the area:

Odeceixe Beach
Farol do Cabo Sardão
Praia dos Buizinhos
Praia de Zambujeira do Mar
Odeceixe Beach

Beach near Milfontes

Praia do Patacho **

On this beach you can find an old stranded ship. It is a nice area to take a short walk and have a look at the ship. You have a great view on the shoreline and the cliffs and it’s not busy at all. Really nice place to enjoy the weather and area if you want to stay close to the village!

*     =nice to visit if you have time
**   =really nice to see and you should visit
*** =a must-see!

Sunset in Milfontes

Where to eat

Tasca Do Celso ***

Let me start by saying that this was the best dinner I’ve had in Portugal, hands down. For Portuguese standards it’s quite expensive, but compared to other European countries (like Germany or the Netherlands) it’s still very reasonably priced. The place looks really nice from the inside and you definitely feel like you’re in a proper restaurant. I can recommend the Portuguese steak, it was heavenly! The best dining experience in Portugal for me.

Type: Dinner
Food quality: ***
Serving time: ***
Staff friendliness: ***
Price: **

Where to stay

Milfontes Apartment Rentals **

If you want to spend a few days in the area, and are low on budget, it’s a good choice. You get a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and dining table. Don’t expect a lot because it’s very basic, but for this price you get more than you may expect.

Type: Appartment
Beds: **
Bathroom: **
Kitchen: **
Staff friendliness: **

*     = poor
**   = okay
*** = great

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