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Workshop Nature Photography in the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen

About the workshop:

You want to start with photography and would like to learn more about your camera and composition. Or maybe you already have some experience but you want to get more out of it. If you recognize yourself in this, then this workshop is perfect for you! During this workshop you will learn the most important settings of your camera and work on what makes a great composition. I believe in a personal approach, so each workshop will be different depending on the needs, wishes and the level of the group. We will also look at your photos together and I will give you tips on the camera settings and the chosen composition. The workshop consists of a healthy mix of information and practical assignments.

The Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen:

This area lends itself perfectly for nature photography, both the landscape and the animals enthusiasts go here to take pictures. The best thing is to go here early in the morning, when it’s still quiet and the animals are a bit closer to the trails than later in the day. The park is of course known for its overpopulation of deer, which is great for the photographers, however there are more animals in the park than just deer. There are many birds, rabbits, sheep, and cows in the park, but there are also some foxes, although they don’t always show. Although it’s a beautiful park to spot animals, you can also go here when you’re a a landscape photographer. The park is therefore perfectly suitable for a workshop that is focused on nature photography. … Continue readingWorkshop Nature Photography in the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen

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